Javelina Jundred 100k



I’ve been training with John on weekly runs along the canals and the roads by the house, along with taking Bella, my dog on 5K walks AKA The Bella 5K. For the last several weekends we ran at McDowell on the actual race loops for our long runs. I wanted to experience each loop before the race. During those times I mostly had good runs. One time I took the wrong turn and ran up Scenic Trail for Lap 3, not remembering there are two Scenic Trails. I am also known for running extra miles at training runs and races.  I also experienced a few episodes of leg cramps….I really need to control the cramps! John and I ran the Cave Creek 50k Thriller as a training run a few weeks prior to our 100. During that race I learned how to push myself in the heat, dig deep, grind and how to utilize my time at the aid stations. Where I used to stay at the aide stations making new friends. I was really nervous after the race as it took me 9 hours to complete and that was half of JJ 100 I was going to be running soon.  I anticipated on finishing the JJ 100 in 15 hours, am I being realistic?!

John and I on a training run a few weeks before the race.
Quiet Jackass Aide Station before the race
BEER after a hot training run on Pemberton Trail

Race day!

Woke up at 3:30 am to get to the race by 5 am, John’s 100 mile race starts at 6 am, my 100K race starts at 7 am. Raul was kind enough to share a pop up tent with us (He ran the 100 mile). We met up with David, Katrin and Omar preparing for the long day that was ahead of us.  During this time,  David shared with me that he has not yet ran a 100K and I will exceed him today. Whaaat… I hadn’t realized I was soon to be in a different level of trail runners.  I need to find the bathroom I think I’m going to poop my skirt!

David is also a classmate of mine. Here we are just EIGHT minutes before the start! YIKES!!!

What am I thinking, ME running a 100K!

While we waited for the 100 mile race to begin, we took several pictures and met up with other fellow runners and spectators. All offering positive support.  I joined Omar and David as we watched John and Katrin start their race at 6 am. They both looked so relaxed and confident when they passed by.  By now I decided I was going to run my race and was determined I WILL finish this race no matter what it will take of me.  I have suffered too many DNF’s and I am adamant I WILL not suffer this again…not this race! In the back of my mind I had a goal of finishing in 15 to 17 hours. But will be happy with a finish.

Katrin, John and I before they take off for their 100 MILE start!
John and I before he takes off for his first 100 Mile race!
Tommy Lunetta wishing me luck on my first 100K
EIGHT minutes before my 100K race starts….loosening the jitters (not cramping just yet)!
And off I go!

First loop

While standing at the start line, I looked around at my fellow runners who will be joining me for several hours during this race.  I noticed how they all looked so determined and confident and here I was,  “What the hell am I thinking!” The race starts and off I go with a couple hundred crazy runners.  It was a good thing the pack was thick of runners on a single track at first, this forced me to run slow as the adrenaline of nervousness was going through my body.  At the Coyote aide station I did my ritual potty stop, I really have to calm the nerves! It was too early in the run to take advantage of what the aide station had to offer. I was able to continue on keeping track of my pace even on the gnarly terrain.  Going as planned, hiking the uphills and running the descents and flats. Just before Jackass aide station, I heard a group of four runners behind me saying they were on a schedule of a five hour loop. So am I! I decided I will stick with them as a way to keep my pace. I’m starting a pattern, two salt tabs and a coke. The volunteers helped me fill my hydration bladder as I looked around for something to eat. Soon I was off again. Yay ! I love this part of the trail, downhill!  Keeping in mind to save my energy, I have two more laps to go. Keeping a good distance from the four runners with my pace goal. I realized I have been leapfrogging with two sisters dressed in Wonder Woman costumes (now known as the WW sisters) on this loop. Rattlesnake aide station I found the salt tabs and coke as the volunteers reminded us of the turn on Escondido.  I remember Escondido with its never ending switchbacks from our training runs. It’s starting to get hot, not too bad for me surprisingly since I am notoriously known for not running well in the heat. The heat is affecting other runners as a few stop to take a break. I encourage them by sharing with them the end of the loop is close, keep going runner.  I got to the end of the first loop just ahead of my schedule.  David and Omar greeted me, and helped me with what I needed.  I have never been crewed before, I felt special, they did everything for me. Filled my hydration bladder with ice and water. Gave me cold water and Gatorade to drink. I put on my arm sleeves anticipating on putting ice in them as it’s getting really hot. I was told this is a good way to keep my body cool. David and Omar pointed me to the trail again and off I go to start my second loop.

Coming in on my first loop and feeling good



This way, right?!

Second Loop

Oh boy! What a struggle for the first few miles of this loop.  My feet did not want to cooperate with me, they wanted to stay with David and Omar drinking beer!  I had a talk with my feet and told them they did not get that option.  Soon I was able to get going again.  Coyote aide station really helped me by putting ice in my arm sleeves and sending me off  but not before my ritual two salt tabs and a coke. I didn’t need to refill my hydration bladder as David and Omar already did with ice and water.  Ohhh! That cold water was sooo refreshing!  Oh hi!  I met up with the WW sisters as we continue to leapfrog each other.  At Jackass aid station, I replenished the ice in my arm sleeves, it is really helping me stay cool.  Just before I leave, I found the salt tabs and a coke. I made myself take a piece of PB&J sandwich since I really haven’t eaten yet.  As I continued on the trail, I ate my PB&J sandwich, kicking myself for only getting one. It was really good.  I see up ahead a runner wearing a skirt and western hat, Katrin! Hi! Katrin gives me words of encouragement that I WILL finish my 100k and earn my first buckle. And off she goes. I start my run again leapfrogging the WW sisters wondering if this will continue through the whole race. Funny, I don’t even know if they are really sisters. I met up with John and shared a quick hug and kiss updating each other on how we are doing. And off we go to run our own race. I ran side by side with one of the WW sisters for a few miles.  Laughing with each other as a volunteer approached us from the opposite direction sharing with us that it is three miles to Coyote aide station. We disagreed, it is TWO miles and I suggested to push her over the edge for lying to us!! SNAP! it was three miles to the Coyote aide station.  Oh my gosh, cursing at the gnarly trails. Owie, owie, owww! I’m so f…ing tired of you, you are killing my feet!! Going counter clockwise seemed harder on my feet with the gnarly trail.  Finally I made it to the Coyote aide station, it seemed like forever!  The food didn’t look appealing, I got a few slices of orange and banana, of course, two salt tabs and a coke before I head out again.  Oh no, I didn’t see the WW sisters again, hope they are okay.  So pleased no more gnarly  trails to the end of the loop. At the victory lap a woman was handing out freeze pops to the runners. My eyes got sooo big as I got one for each hand and thanked her for them!  Omar was waiting for me since he is going to pace me for my final lap. Omar asked me if I wanted to change shoes. I declined thinking my feet are killing me.  Other shoes will not help at this point. I heard David laughing behind me when I told Omar my feet f…ing hurt!  I changed shirts to a long sleeve and retrieved my headlamp from my backpack. I was still eating my freeze pops before we go out again!

Washing machine style run.  We alternate direction after each loop.



Crew person handing out FREEZIE POPS!!
Score!! One for each hand!!
Not sharing Omar!!! Mine all mine!

Final loop

Last loop and Omar is pacing me. My plan is that he will keep me busy with conversation and help me with my pace.  I wanted to stop at the aide station and get a slice of pizza to run with.  Omar didn’t let me, he said I had to earn it….. WHAT!!! I thought I already had!  Fine!  I didn’t think that I could run and eat pizza at the same time anyways.  Omar did a great job keeping me on pace.  He told me when to run, speed up my walk and when to hike. Otherwise I would have been like “la la la la” walking the trail.  At the Coyote aide station surprise I got two salt tabs and a coke.  Ohhh I see bratwurst, thinking to myself maybe I can eat that while running!  Omar and I ran out of the aide station both of us with bratwurst in our hands.  Omar was upset with me because I didn’t remind him to drink a coke LOL. This is the same person that didn’t let me have a slice of pizza!  I would have liked to try eating a slice of pizza while running earlier!! Omar continued to hold me back and pushed me when I needed it. Listening to me bitching about the gnarly terrain. Reminding myself  that this is the last time I have to run on this course.  Whew!! We finally made it to Jackass aide station. You got it, two salt tabs and a coke for me. I also got help filling my bladder one more time.  “Omar I’m ready to go, quit talking with the volunteers we have a race to run”.  Finally my favorite part, the soft descent to Rattlesnake. Omar let me go, “Go Mama you got it”!  I stopped a few times for Omar to catch up with me listening to him cursing at me and asking me where did I get that burst of energy? I told Omar my feet feel better when I run, they hurt when I walk.  We couldn’t get to Rattlesnake soon enough for Omar. He had to stretch his legs.  The volunteer told me it’s 3.7 miles to the finish. Omar I’m ready to go, I can do that distance. Omar agreed to continue on. Cursing me from behind.  Soon I heard Omar telling me to go ahead of him and he will meet me at the end.  “Thanks Omar you’re the best”!  And off I went! I couldn’t believe it, I was about to finish my 100K race and feeling really good, not tired!!  YAY!!  I did it as I was thinking to myself with a big grin of accomplishment on my face as I made the victory lap to the finish line!!! I finished the race in 15h 3m. Approx. 10 pm. No one was waiting for me at the pop up…no one to share my victory!  Soon Omar met up with me and gave me a big hug. I told him my feet are killing me but feel good otherwise. Omar and I were able to get some rest before he called out to me that John was running in from his 100 mile at 1:42 am.  I met John at the finish line holding up my BUCKLE! We hugged each other so tight, proud of each other’s accomplishments. John finished his race with a sub 20, at 19h 42m! Amazing!  We sat next to each other at the popup sharing a few highlights of our run.  It wasn’t too much longer before Katrin finished her race. YAY!! We did it!! After a victory beer we finally went to bed around 4 am.

Coming in strong! I did it!! 


BTW David made it to Jackass aide station.  He didn’t want to leave the disco ball!!

David and Katrin getting their groove on at Jackass Disco!

Ayi David the party animal!

This Lil Mama earned her first Buckle!!

Sunday morning.  Tired, sore and proud owners of a pair of Ultra Buckles!!

Javelina Jundred 100K Race Summary


Proud that I improved my position all day long.

Final Time:  15h 03m 03s 

58th place overall

30th place female